Jesus Is Book by Judah Smith

Well… it’s here! The much anticipated release of the Jesus Is book by Judah Smith drops today, Tuesday, February 26th! If you haven’t heard, the Jesus Is book is more than just words on paper… it’s a movement! Who is Jesus to you? Fill in the blank and start a conversation.

Jesus is by far the most prolific figure in the history of the world, yet his message of grace and love seems to have been distorted through the years. The Jesus Is book will challenge, inspire, and ignite this relationship with God in a whole new light. And if you’re planning on picking up a copy of the Jesus Is book by Judah Smith, we would be honored to introduce you to the Jesus Is Music Project as a nice complement to the conversation. Filled with soundbites from Judah’s messages surrounding the Jesus Is series, the music project is where music and preaching collide and truly has to be experienced for yourself. The Jesus Is book is available at major retailers, and the Jesus Is Music Project is available right here at – download your copy today or check out our gift pack options for those in your life who might be encouraged by the Jesus Is message.

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